A Fountain of Laughter and Baryshnikov

I am about to confess something not too many people know. When I was still pretty young, probably about ten, I earned a nickname that I really didn’t like. Baryshnikov.  I bet you are wanting to know why. Well, I will tell you.

If you recognize this fountain, this is where my story unfolds. If you have never been here before, you really should visit the place.

Lithia Park is in Ashland, Oregon and is the largest city park in the community, and is my personal favorite park. Click here for a sneak peak.

One of the last times I was at Lithia Park, we stopped by the Shakespeare Theater, where there was a performance going on. I think it was some sort of ballet. Anyway, we watched the performance for sometime and then moved on. We made our stop at the fountain and ate our lunch at a nearby picnic table.

After eating, my younger sister and I walked over to the fountain. I was walking around the rim, being careful not to lose my balance and fall in. Now as with most fountains, there was some deviant water puddles on the edge and some had splashed out onto the ground.

I didn’t even make it the entire way around the fountain. I had slipped in a puddle of water and into the water I went. I didn’t get in trouble or anything. Instead, we all broke out laughing and laughing. It was at that moment I was given the nickname Baryshnikov. Apparently, everyone said I was doing a ballet around the edge of the fountain.I argued that I was just skipping or hopping along, but they didn’t see it that way.

But who is Baryshnikov? According to this article, he was a Russian ballet dancer and coreographer. He is most famously known for his work in The Nutcracker, produced in 1977.

I have not told too many people this story of an embarrassing moment of history. Thankfully, I not longer identify with this name.

Do you have a story like this you would like to share? I would love to post it for you if you  would like to share it. You can share your story by leaving a note in the contact me section.


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