Why Should I Be Thankful?

I am not going to give you the church monkey answer and quote verse after verse from the Bible because so many times we can read a verse that tells us to be thankful, but we fail to see the application for our lives. I am going to share some nuggets that I have learned over the years.

But before I go there, I will confess that while I have a lot to be thankful for, I, unfortunately, inherited an unwanted gift of not showing emotion and appearing ungrateful. As a result, you are probably going to ask why I am even talking about being thankful when I don’t even show gratitude. I am anticipating it, in fact. That being said, on to thankful attitudes.

1. When we don’t show gratitude for things, it sends off the message that we don’t appreciate gifts we have been given. 

2. Ungrateful attitudes lead to wrong outlooks on life.

3. Friends and family tend to stop gift giving to someone who isn’t grateful. 

I realize there are as many factors to ungrateful attitudes as there are reasons for not praying. Some have become ungrateful because their parents didn’t teach them to be grateful. Some are ungrateful because their parents gave them whatever they wanted while growing up. Some are ungrateful because they didn’t like what they got, or, never got what they asked for after years of asking for it. I could go on. 

As a parent, (both biological and not), I strive to teach my kids to be thankful for what they have. While they have gotten better the older they get, I still have to  remind them that the ocassion isn’t about the gifts they might get. 


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