Too Close to Home

Recently a pretty heated altercation took place at a local high school. This leaves me wanting to hear from you about the issue. 

A girl came to school wearing a hat with a confederate flag on it. Another girl took offense to it and a heated fight took place. 

The principal exercised his right and put a ban on all things confederate on school grounds. The superintendent approved this decision.

It is my understanding that the confederate flag represented those in support of slavery.

While there is a huge debate on this event on social media, I want to share my thoughts and then open the floor for discussion. All comments will be reviewed before being approved, so keep it clean, folks.

My thought on the issue is that of historical background. Regardless of opinions out there, the confederate flag is part of American history, for better or worse. It may have once had a negative message, but that was in the past. That flag played a part of America being the nation it is today, but it doesn’t define who we are today. 

Is slavery okay? Not at all. Do I support people who still have slaves today? No, I don’t.  But I will say that everything that happened in America’s early days happened for a reason. Where would we be if none of it ever happened? Would we have had a civil war? Would we have Black History Month each year? Would we remember Martin Luther King Junior every year? 

As far as the school’s role, they did what they felt necessary. And yet, I wonder just what they are teaching kids today about American history. 


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