Why Essential Oils?

Here’s the deal. I chose to learn about essential oils initially because of someone’s bath detox experience. I began learning then about the oils and what they could be used for. I’m not here to create a religion based on them. Because that would be foolish. But I do want to say this. 
My family has OHP for health insurance. I am grateful for it because that means I don’t have to pay out of pocket for doctor visits and emergency room visits for myself and my kids. I understand that eventually, money will run out and there won’t be funds available to get the free medical care that we do get. 
That being said, I know that God is ultimately the only source of healing and health. He gives us the means to be healthy and to stay healthy. If we get sick, He provides the healing, but it may come in a way we don’t expect. God cannot be contained within the walls of our minds. He’s much bigger than our minds. 
Where am I going with this? I believe that by learning as much as I can about the oils and using them, and more importantly trusting in God completely, the oils will be as much a better way to go for me and my family. 

How do I know this is true? How do I know God is leading me in this direction? Because it makes so much sense for me! 

The Bible has a verse that talks about the trees being healing for the nations. It’s in Revelation towards the end of the book I believe. There are also so many other verses talking about oils. The thing is that I believe the above mentioned verse has something to do with the oils. 

Okay, so what’s my story? It’s not much, but I do have one. 

To start with, I have a few different brands. The best brand that I have right now is Plant Therapy. I have a couple other brands, but I don’t really like them. I am in the process of becoming a Young Living member! 

It goes without saying. You should not expect instant healing. God does things in His time. Prayer should always be used when using the oils. 

Please note, nothing I am about to share should be used in place of advice of a medical professional. 

I have been taking a multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamin D for a couple years now. There have been gaps in time for one reason or another, but this time, I haven’t been taking them for a few months. 

I am in between doctor appointments for various reasons, but mostly for cholesterol levels and vitamin D levels. Blood pressure also is of a minor concern. It’s not too high, but enough to need to make some lifestyle changes. 

Since my last appointment in March, I have been running an experiment to see how the oils will help regulate my levels. I haven’t been keeping track of what oils I used, but I use them all for different reasons. That being said, if on my next appointment those levels are better, I will continue the experiment and this time keep track of the oils used and all that good stuff. 

Specific examples for other things are personally pretty good. I use lavender to help me sleep better. Sometimes I will even make a blend for synergestic results. Lavender works well for a lot of things besides sleep. 

I used to take two 500 MG acetaminophen for headaches and usually either a coffee to speed up the effectiveness or a mountain dew for even quicker results. Now, I will use a blend I made of lavender, peppermint and another oil whose name escapes me for aches and pains. I massage my temples, back of neck and forehead with the lotion. If the headache isn’t gone within a half hour, I reapply the lotion. Then I wait for another hour. If after a third massage the headache is still there, then I will take a 200 MG ibuprofen if the headache begins to affect my mood or attitude.  I prefer, though, to wait for my oils to do their work, bypassing vital organs that may get affected with toxins and/or synthetic chemicals. 

What are some other ways they have worked for me personally? I use tea tree oil and/or a special blend of oils I made for athlete’s foot to relieve itching from flea bites. The itch is usually gone within minutes! 

With some success, I have been able to keep bugs out of my greenhouse and away from the plants I am trying to grow in there. I also have a special blend combined with ammonia to kill and repel the snails that will devour whatever plants have grown. But this one is still being perfected. 

That has nothing to do with the body, though other than ensuring that no toxins are being used on the plants and hopefully any fruit or vegetables grown will not pass them onto you. 

Each person’s reaction to the oils is different. What may work for me might not work for you because of your body make up, but when yiu find what does work for you, stick with it. Your body will thank you. Your organs will thank you. 


Smells and Memories

I’m gonna ask you a question and I would really appreciate your feedback and responses. It is going to help me out with a project I am working on with essential oils and the fact that our sense of smell and our memories run on the same circuit.

What smell or smells take you back to your childhood?

What do you smell when you think about your mom? Dad? Grandma? Grandpa?

Where does your mind take you when you smell that certain flower? Examples would be Roses, lilacs, apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, marigolds, and any other flowers.

What did your house smell like at Christmas? Thanksgiving?

Now I am going to name some smells. What comes to your mind when you think of the smell? It’s okay if you can’t think of anything particular. Just skip to the next one.










Tea Tree /Melaleuca






Jasmine (NOT the Disney Princess)


If there is a certain smell that takes you back to that special place in time that’s not listed, what is it? Share that memory if you don’t mind.